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To reward our Scrubaholics, Scrubs in Fashion is offering our top shoppers a chance to win our Scrubaholic Giveaway each season. Every three months, ScrubsinFashion will be awarding a $100 Scrubs in Fashion Gift Certificate AND special gift basket to our most prominent shopper of the quarter. At the end of the year, the scrubaholic that has purchased the most at any Scrubs in Fashion site will win a special year-end giveaway!
To be eligible to win the scrubaholic giveaways, you must be a member of the Fashion Club. Sign up is free – click here to find out more.
Fashion Club Members Receive
  • 15% off New Fashions
  • 25% off Birthday Gift Certificates
  • Eligibility for the Scrubaholic Giveaways
  • Updates on new fashions, websites, and specials.
  • Free shipping on orders of 50$ (after the initial $100 purchase)
  • And much more!
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